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Kendrick Lamar – “Momma” – #WYLT?

Kendrick’s mention of returning home can be interpreted in many different ways at the same time

Haven’t done one of these in a minute but welcome to another edition of WHAT Y’ALL LISTENING TO!?

I have not been able to get the beat for Kendrick Lamar’s “Momma” out of my head for the last week or so. Just one of those things that happens when you were least expecting it. But I really, really wish this album had a strictly instrumentals version. Good Lord. “Momma” tells of the personal growth and self-realization that Kendrick experienced after having persevered against the internal struggles he described as “Lucy” in the preceding track, “For Sale?” ended with Kendrick’s poem.

“This feelin’ is unmatched
This feelin’ is brought to you by adrenaline and good rap
Black Pendleton ball cap
(West, west, west)
We don’t share the same synonym, fall back
(West, west, west)
Been in it before internet had new acts
Mimicking radio’s nemesis made me wack
My innocence limited the experience lacked
Ten of us with no tentative tactic that cracked
The mind of a literate writer, but I did it in fact
You admitted it once I submitted it wrapped in plastic
Remember scribblin’ scratchin’ dilligent sentences backwards
Visiting freestyle cyphers for your reaction
Now I can live in a stadium, pack it the fastest
Gamblin’ Benjamin benefits, sinnin’ in traffic
Spinnin’ women in cartwheels, linen fabric on fashion
Winnin’ in every decision
Kendrick is master that mastered it
Isn’t it lovely how menaces turned attraction?
Pivotin’ rappers, finish your fraction while writing blue magic
Thank God for rap, I would say it got me a plaque
But what’s better than that?
The fact it brought me back home”

But that’s just me. What y’all listening to?

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