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Killer Mike Calls Bill O’Reilly A Woman Beater, And Other Dirty Words

killer mike

At this point, it should no longer be surprising that Killer Mike is going to be outspoken politically, he’s always going to speak his mind. And he decided to do so yesterday, Monday the 13th, when he had this to say about Bill. “I was going to go on there and cut his throat like Ice-T did Oprah back in the day,” the Atlanta rapper stated. “But it turns out you’re a woman beater,” Killer Mike continues regarding information that was revealed during a custody battle that O’Reilly beat his wife. “Doesn’t listen to rap. There you go, cocksucker.”

Whooooooo! Killer Mike ain’t playing. That’s why he’s dope. “People of faith are being marginalized by a secular media and pernicious entertainment,” O’Reilly said. “The Rap industry, for example, often glorifies depraved behavior, and that sinks into the minds of some young people – the group that is most likely to reject religion.”

But Killer Mike called him a woman beater. Why? Well, apparently Bill O’Reilly choked his wife and dragged her down a flight of stairs – this news came after he asserted that Hip-Hop is the reason for the decline of Christianity in America. Remember that BS? Yeah, FOH. Get him, Mike!

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