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Killer Mike Will Attend White House Correspondents Dinner

killer mike

The list of VIPs attending this year’s White House Correspondents Dinner has been released and it looks like Atlanta rapper Killer Mike will be representing for the hip hop contingency. In fact, he is the only rapper that was invited.

Killer Mike will be at the Washington dinner as a guest of The Huffington Post and will be one of three musicians, along with Pete Wentz and Rob Thomas who are both coming under USA Today’s invite.

In response to the prestigious invite, Killer Mike threw up a post on Instagram with a screen cap of a Pitchfork story about the dinner with the caption  “For all the Teachers that said a nigga won’t gone be shit. LoL ha! Jokes on You, Jack! My Black Ass Going to da White House! LoL naw for real tho. Thank u to Miss Ellison BecuZ of your Class I learned to love civics and this Great Republic!”

Mike is no stranger to political activism and has given lectures on American race relations at MIT, so we look forward to seeing what he comes up with after his date with Washington D.C.

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