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Lil Wayne vs Jeezy – “White Girl” – Who’s Got Bars?

Lil Wayne vs Jeezy - "White Girl" - Who's Got Bars?

Lil Wayne just released FWA. On this album, he’s got a song with Jeezy called “White Girl”. Now, with a title like that, they’re either talking about drugs or women. But they both get one verse each. And given that Weezy had some awesome verses on some features this year, I bet a lot of y’all are wondering what his lyric game is like on this project. That’s not for me to discuss, right now. What I will talk about are his bars on “White Girl”.

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Please have my money on time, please have my money on time
Cuz my niggas is runnin’ salons, just to shoot up baby moms
Trap house jump out the gym, trap house jump like LeBron
It’s 22-5 for the B, and 11-5 for the Solange
Call a 16 Montana, 8 a Steve Young, and 4 a Brett Favre
My plug name is Hector but back in his country they call him Hectòr
She strip everyday but Sunday cuz she still make time for the lord
Got a red dot on top your head, like I got your ass on record
Don’t be so cruel, Tune don’t be so rude
Nah, fuck that, fuck these lil niggas, fuck these lil dudes
By the gavel or the gun nigga
I be creepin’ like the shadow and the sun nigga
Be more careful how you pick and choose your words boy
Cuz I’ll have you playin’ scrabble with your tongue nigga
I’m Mick Jagger as a young nigga
Pourin’ pink panther in a punch nigga
Think faster than these dumb niggas
We serial killers, you can get your captain crunch nigga
Hey, its Lil Wayne nigga
I been this shit since Lil Zane nigga
Tell the cops I ain’t no name giver
Icicles on my finger from cocaine blizzards
Hey, its Lil Wayne nigga
I’m in the buildin’ bout to hang pictures
I’m a ruler its a game of interest tryna make a mil and make a mil in the same picture

[Verse 2: Jeezy]
Cocaine [Mulsanne]
Blow em back, do it ‘fore I switch lanes
Four clips, two things
Poor me I’m bout to switch chains
Bag full of rocks, I’mma rockstar
By my first block I’mma blockstar
I loaned everything on the road nigga
Only thing I ain’t drove is a cop car
Mr. all day everything
And you know the floor hard, nigga cook crack
You mean the floor hard like could crack?
Damn right cuz I used to cook crack
Aye, 46 for the 28, 14 for the 18
See them hitters in that black van
Gold chains and a chopper like the A-Team
Nowadays everybody got a plug nigga
You know hoes say Julio
Only birds that your flippin’ nigga
Is the ones in the studio
Designated driver nigga
Damn right boy them units got a chauffeur
I can’t sleep without it nigga
Damn right gotta [chopper by the sofa]
Look at me whippin’, I’m confident and cocky
If this was a category I would be rocky
Say you lookin’ for that comeback look no further
Shit comin’ back [?] if that coco butter
Them 10’s, them 20’s, them 50’s, them 100’s
Lost a bag on the road I was sick to my stomach
That Britney, that Iggy Azalea I’ll tell ya
Intercepted the package so I’ll never mail ya, I’m gone

That being said, what do you think of Jeezy’s verse? Wayne had more, a bit more, charisma on his verse which helps. I’m giving this battle to Weezy. Better go on Tidal and listen to that album, discuss the competition while you’re eating that bbq. Peace.

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