Lloyd Banks – “Mind Over Matter” (Video)

Lloyd Banks

While 50 Cent sinks farther into his own downward spiral Lloyd Banks is releasing new music and videos. “Mind Over Matter” is a simple track but it clearly says one thing, rap isn’t dead. Banks has always been talented and his new video was built so you focus on the music. It is refreshing to know where to direct your attention because clearly the only think you need to be watching is him.

The more you search the more you’ll realize he has decided to take his career far away from the chaos of G-Unit and dedicate his time to creating a new and darker sound. It is working for him and allowing him to step even farther away from the shadows and into his own (well deserved) limelight. If you look on his website you’ll get an automatic download of “Halloween Havoc 2” which is 13 tracks produced by 10 different people. It might not be for everyone but worth the listen!

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