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Looks Like Spike Lee Didn’t Do The Right Thing

Spike Lee

Spike Lee is being sued over Zimmerman tweet

An elderly Florida couple filed a lawsuit against Spike Lee for a tweet he posted that allegedly put them in danger.

In the midst of the case of the shooting of Trayvon Martin, Spike Lee tweeted an address he was given by one of his followers, thought to be the address of the accused shooter, George Zimmerman.

The address ended up being the address of David and Elaine McClain of Sanford FL. The McClain’s say their youngest sons last name is Zimmerman, and his middle name is George. They also say that because of this horrible mistake, they have been receiving death threats, and hate mail. They claim they also had to relocate temporarily because of it.

Although Lee has reached out and apologized, and also came to a monetary settlement agreement of $10,000, the family claims they have continued to receive hate mail, and an unwanted amount of media outside their home because of his mistake.

Spike Lee has since spoke on the situation openly on an interview with Oprah Winfrey Sunday night, saying “I don’t know what my intention was. But angry is not a justification for stupidity. There’s nothing I can say that can defend what I did. It was stupid.”

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