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Michael B. Jordan In Talks For Vampire Buddy Film “Blood Brothers”

Michael B. Jordan

Whew! Okay, cool, so Michael B. Jordan can still get some roles after that Fantastic Flop. Well, he has Creed coming out this year, too, so that definitely helps, hopefully that film turns out to be awesome and completely removes the stench of what happened earlier this month.

According to reports, The Fruitvale Station star is in talks to play one of the 2 lead roles in an action-comedy about 2 ageless, blood-drinking and party-crazed best buds whose friendship goes downhill until they have to save the world together. I’m assuming they will have to save the world from vampires. This film, Blood Brothers, is actually based on a comic. Blood Brothers was first published as a Dark Horse comic miniseries, written by Mike Gagerman and Andrew Waller. Hollywood loves superhero/comicbook properties right now, so it originated as a screenplay by Etan Cohen, who last wrote Men in Black 3. A director has yet to be named for the project. I’m more curious to see who Michael B. Jordan is going to be paired up with in the film, and a director will give us the tone and direction the movie may be heading in. Right now, doesn’t sound all that exciting.

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