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Michael B. Jordan Joins ‘Black Panther’ – 90% African/African-American Cast

Michael B. Jordan Joins 'Black Panther' - 90% African/African-American Cast

The cast for Black Panther is becoming more incredible with each casting announcement. You’ve got Chadwick Boseman playing T’Challa – who just made his cinematic debut in Civil War – and now Michael B. Jordan has signed on to be in the film. This makes all the sense in the world. Ryan Coogler, who is co-writing and directing this, co-wrote and directed Creed, as well as Fruitvale Station. Marvel Studios likes to keep it in the family anyway, and Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo are going to be producing the Thomas Crown Affair remake, which stars Jordan.

Lupita Nyong’o is in talks to star in it as well. She could possibly be the love interest, T’Challa’s sister or a member of his female bodyguards, and some think Jordan will be playing villain. But regardless, this news had #BlackPantherSoLit trending yesterday and for very good reason.

Largely, this is pretty much how Black Twitter reacted yesterday, and the movie is 2 years away. But with all of the necessary excitement, I’m still not looking forward to the BS that will be slowly following behind all of this. I mean…we remember how hurt white people were when Beyonce performed “Formation” at the Super Bowl, and when Kendrick did his 2016 Grammy performance. There’s gonna be so much more of that when this movie drops…

There’s no doubt that the film will be successful. You’ve got comic book fans ready to see it, and you’ll have so many people of color – especially Black – going to see it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Black Panther is one of Marvel Studios’ most successful films, domestically and internationally. But that doesn’t mean it won’t get overly scrutinized to the high heavens. Simply because it’s featuring a Black cast.

Michael B. Jordan playing Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four – perfect example. It opened poorly, bad reviews, and critics/journalists were already questioning whether or not this would be the end of Jordan’s career. Completely ignoring the fact that Creed was going to be opening just a few months later. This is because people of color, women – anything other than white and male – always receive more/harsher criticism.

You know how many flops Ryan Reynolds has been in? That didn’t stop his career, nor did it stop any number of other white actors careers. Black Panther having a 90% + Black cast is going to be used against it once it opens and it’s box office results are examined – and that is the only frustrating factor I’m not looking forward to. You’ve already got people insisting that the film has to be twice as good if it’s gonna be successful…which isn’t true. Even mediocre Marvel films still make bank, not to mention Straight Outta Compton and the Fast and Furious movies – Creed. Those movies didn’t have to be out of this world and pheonomonal and the best films of all time to do really well. It just so happens that they all happen to be good/entertaining films.

But if Black Panther doesn’t do well as these movies – and you can bet the success of this film will be compared to those films – there will only be one thing people will point to as the main reason. If it “underperforms,” let’s say just by $10 million, you’ll see countless think pieces questioning “did the Black audience not go out and support this? are Black superheroes doomed forever?” Off topic – same thing is gonna happen with Wonder Woman.

But I’m not worried about Black Panther underperforming because I don’t think it will. In fact I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be huge. Black people are going to love it and won’t stop talking about it all throughout 2018, general comic book fans will love it, and the racists/idiots will moan and complain that white people are being unfairly marginalized in the film.

“(Black Panther) will be amongst the best ensembles we’ve ever had and 90% of the cast is either African or African-American. … It’s a step that Marvel took many years ago in the comics, as well. It felt like it’s more than time to do that in the movies.” – Kevin Feige

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