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Michael Brown’s Death Leads To Nationwide Response With 40 New State Laws

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The Associated Press says that ever since Michael Brown, an unarmed black teen in Ferguson, Mo., was shot and killed on Aug. 9. by white ex-officer Darren Wilson, lawmakers in nearly every state have come forward with changes to the way our police deal with the public.

According to The Associated Press, data shows that 24 states, nearly half the country, have put at least 40 new laws on the books and in effect, in order to tackle unlawful police violence, including officer body-cameras, racial bias training, independent investigations, and limits on surplus military equipment for departments.

With all of that being said, little has been done to change laws when police are justified to use deadly force, even as more incidents continue to happen on a daily and weekly basis, the report tell us.

While these changes are definitely taking a step in the right direction, civil rights leaders still say that there is more work that needs to be done if we are going to heal racial tensions and economic disparities that have been a driving force with protests in Ferguson, Baltimore, New York and many other places, after episodes in which people died in police custody or random, unjust shootings.

We’re slowly getting things done. This hasn’t all been for nothing. We just need to keep going. One day at a time.

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