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Mike Colter Set To Play Luke Cage

Mike Colter certainly does look the part, I gotta say. Today, Marvel Studios themselves announced that actor Mike Colter will be playing the comic book hero for hire Luke Cage in the upcoming Netflix series, I’m sure it will be called Luke Cage. This is another addition to the group of shows featuring Daredevil, Luke, Jessica Jones and Iron Fist, who will then join together for one miniseries called The Defenders.

Luke Cage was arrested, then released from prison, deciding to head in a better direction and be a hero for hire. How is he a hero? The dude is mad buff and muscular and his skin is impenetrable. So he’s basically invincible. Yeah. Luke Cage. Mike Colter. Awesome. What do you think of Mike Colter playing Luke Cage? Let us know. Also, go read up on some of these black comicbook characters we’ve been writing about the past several weeks. Stop sleeping on ’em.

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