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NEOMADiC – ‘Coma’ #TheIndieBooth

NEOMADiC - 'The NEOMADiC Tape' #TheIndieBooth

Let me introduce you to NEOMADiC, a couple of rappers from the Irish hip-hop scene. Emcees DYRAMiD and noGood make up NEOMADiC, with PRiROLL on the decks, and they just released their debut 12-track mixtape The NEOMADiC Tape. It’s a pretty nice collection of some chill hip-hop songs, and the two emcees have voices to carry it. They have a real taste for minimalist, jazzy-like production and it really works well for them.

You can check out the mixtape, as well as the fun little visuals for “Coma.”


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