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Netflix Is Giving The Wachowski’s “Sense8” A 2nd Season


The weird sci-fi Netflix show Sense8 has been renewed for its 2nd season. I have only seen the first 3 episodes.

Netflix tweeted a video message Saturday morning with the cast of the streaming service’s show wishing the program a happy birthday and announcing that it will return for an additional season.

“Birthdays are just the beginning. #sense8 is reborn,” Netflix tweeted.

The sci-fi show gives us the story of 8 strangers from all over the world, who are someone connected through shared visions and thoughts, experiencing each others lives in these bursts of random moments. The show has a strong social base, and Netflix says that specific component value when determining whether or not to bring a series back for another season. The renewal comes a few weeks after Sense8 producers told critics at TCA that they were optimistic the series, which was among the streamer’s first to go to Comic-Con, would return.

J. Michael Straczynski, who created the drama alongside writers Andy Wachowski and Lana Wachowski, discussed the show at TCA’s summer press tour and acknowledged that the fan response for the show has been overwhelming, previously stating that he was “cautiously optimistic” about a 2nd season.

“There’s been a tendency for science fiction to be seen as something other than for adults — it tends to be about either the MacGuffin, the device, the magic, the gadget, the gimmick or the mission. We wanted to make this show about the journey and [do something] for grown-ups,” he said.

I guess I need to finish watching, then.

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