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Avoid Those Narrow Paths With New Balance

Rapper Complex - New Balance Video

The foundation of good posture is in your feet, make it a strong foundation.

Your shoes are important to your posture and the best way to avoid those narrow paths is with some hot kicks from New Balance. Since Run DMC putting Adidas on the hip hop map cats have been rapping about sneakers for years. Rapping about kicks is an essential part of hip-hop and is an artform only a few can successfully pull off.

Rapper Complex drops “New Balance” featuring Ruste Juxx and is joining the ranks of classic hip-hop songs about sneaker fashion. From Chucks to Vans whatever you like to rock, you can’t front on the creativity of an NB sneaker. Complex puts everything into perspective with his video I’m sure sneakerheads everywhere will appreciate. Without question, New Balance is among the top choices from true sneakers heads around the world.

Check out the video “New Balance” with a slick cameo from one of our own, DJ/program director “Big P” from Sunny San Diego and head down to your local mom and pop sneaker shop and check our some of the hottest new looks from NB coming out this year.

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