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New Promo Photo For “Daredevil” Season 2


There haven’t been a whole lot of set photos of the 2nd season of Daredevil, so far, to find their way to the internet. Especially of Charlie Cox in the actual Daredevil costume, which I was hoping was going to be more…red. Sorry, but when I look at the Deadpool costume…I just can’t help but think you don’t have an excuse to not get as close to the original source material costume as possible. But this is the Daredevil costume interpreted in the Nolan-Batman universe.

So, still, no logo just yet however it would not surprise me one bit if this is was actually a stock image from season one. Either way, it’s still a new look at the suit, from a different angle, and this could be where Matt Murdock will be hiding his new suit when the show returns. Hopefully it’s going to get some upgrades when Daredevil premieres on Netflix next year, including that all important “DD” symbol and the ability for Charlie Cox to turn his head. Are you looking forward to season 2?


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