NFL Preseason Danger: Players Suffer Season-Ending Injuries

nfl jordy nelson

People know football is a dangerous sport, but who knew the preseason could be so dangerous? There’s still a couple weeks left before the NFL regular season starts, and already a number of players — including some big names — have suffered injuries that have ended their seasons before they have began.

The biggest name is Green Bay Packers WR Jordy Nelson, who suffered a torn ACL in the Packers’ preseason game on Sunday and is out for the season. The loss of Nelson takes QB Aaron Rodgers’ biggest offensive weapon away from him. Last week, Carolina Panthers WR Kelvin Benjamin, who many people thought could have a breakout season in his second year in the league, tore his ACL during a practice session at the team’s training camp. He will also miss the season. Even in the year’s first preseason game, Steelers K Shaun Suisham suffered a season-ending ACL tear, as well. Other, lesser-known, players who have also suffered season-ending injuries include Miami Dolphins S Louis Delmas (ACL), Baltimore Ravens S Matt Elam (biceps) and Philadelphia Eagles LB Travis Long, who suffered his third ACL tear since 2012.


The above list is only season-ending injuries, it doesn’t include someone like Houston Texans RB Arian Foster, who has a groin injury and could miss the first half of the season, though recent reports seem to be a little more optimistic. Many fans already say the NFL preseason is too long and each team playing four games is unnecessary and the only reason they do it is to make money for the owners through ticket sales. The more injuries that happen during this time, the louder the cries for a shorter preseason or fewer games will become. But because the league is all about maximizing the money it makes, they likely won’t do anything about it. Unless one of the league’s top players, like a Brady or a Luck, suffers a season-ender in the preseason, then the NFL may do something about it.

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