Nitty Scott, MC – “The Art Of Chill” (Album Review)

Nitty Scott, MC is definitely a rapper who doesn’t get enough attention. I’ll admit, I was a part of that group that wasn’t aware of her, that changed in 2014. I stumbled upon The Art Of Chill, and realized just how great he really is, then I went back and got her EP and mixtapes. This project, being her first album, this is probably the best rap album by a female rapper in 2014, but more than that, The Art Of Chill is absolutely noteworthy album of ’14. Let’s get into it.

This album begins with “Wanderlust Intro”, a track that is pretty much what the title says, although you notice the chords of a sitar creeping in, pretty much telling you this won’t be your average studio album. That takes us right into “Generation Now (Psychedelic Little Buddha)” and I’ll just some of the lyrics speak for this song.

No victims, No villains, no form/No thinking, no limits, just visions/Surrender ego then mingle with the divine/And please wipe your feet before you enter my mind/I’m bear foot sitting in the lotus, focus on my kundalini have you taken notice/Thinking I need stress, I think that it’s need less/Speaking of weed less, I’m learning to need less“.

So it’s pretty clear we’re dealing with a song that’s talking a little bit about existentialism, right? That seems to be a popular theme this year. “Cause I been on my let it glow/Metaphysics flow entering the indigo/And now it seem that life is but a dream/And the cloth of our reality is leaking at the seams”. Yeah, just listen to the audio recording that’s inserted into the middle of the song, explains exactly what she’s talking about. It’s really cool that be able to understand this kind of stuff, but, for those of you who don’t get it, maybe you will, one day.

“Apex” starts with a more east coast vibe and displays Nitty’s lyricism. Ab-Soul is on the track and does his thing, of course. “Feng Shui” has a real smooth, soul sounding beat. It’s got what sounds like a little bit of G-funk, but the song is totally chill. No pun intended. “Lily Of The Valley” is definitely a standout track, awesome production by Sene, ATR & Jay Jennings. “Gone Girl” is a song where Nitty discusses her past, her struggles living at home, such as the sexual abuse she experienced and the hard times she went through after she left home. It’s got a pretty sweet sample from “You Can’t Blame Me”.

“I’ll take it back to learning to tie my laces/Familiar faces ran races in intimate places/And maybe one of those intimate paces/That move at fast paces and seek better spaces/I was divorced in the family portrait, I know my limits/Step daddy trying get up in it, I ain’t with it/So I did it, bought a ticket and split it”.

“The Unlearning” is another track I really love, it’s one of my favorite beats on the album, as well as “Knowbody Knows”, but back to “The Unlearning”. “Now do you know about the tool?/Visual repetition?/Powered on faithfully, your living room religion/Or what about the slavery they stitched into your breeches/Blood diamonds in your riches when they glisten/Politicians feeding us articulate nonsense/News commentators cropping the content/Drag it through the mud, tell you that it’s pure.” Yeah, greatness, lyrics, content, intelligence, spirituality – it’s all here. All over the album. But “Knowbody Knows” is a great track, with her really going in with a great flow and being lyrical. “U.F.O Unfiltered Offering” is so dope with a dope ass beat and hook, it really knocks, it’s fun.

Yeah, man, I can go on and on. The album is greatness. It touches on some really difficult-to-grasp concepts, stemming from Eastern philosophy, existentialism and metaphysics. My personal favorite existential hip-hop album, though, is Eyedea & Abilities’ “First Born“. That is a fucking mind-fuck of an album, if these kinds of philosophical discussions interest you, like…yeah. That is an album only meant for the Zen masters and experts, seriously. I wonder if Nitty’s ever listened to it, I wouldn’t be surprised. But The Art Of Chill doesn’t just deal with these topics, it’s a very revealing and personal album that just has great hip-hop songs. You should absolutely give it a listen. Check out Nitty Scott, MC’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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