No Photo Op For Russian Sanctions Signing

Washington – No Love for Russia

Mr. Showstopper, Mr. Repeal Everything Obama, Mr. Give A Pen away after signing every single executive order since the day he took office, is a complete no show. The day of all days Mr. Whatever Obama signed I’m repealing decided that the Russia thing was not serious enough to hold a photo op. Instead, President deflector was on full display unveiling his new plan to drastically cut “LEGAL IMMIGRATION” into the United States.

The sanctions bill passed the Senate by an overwhelmingly supportive vote of 98-2 last week. The House voted 419-3 in support of the bill. that includes sanctions on Iran and North Korea.

Why no photo op for Russian sanctions signing? Maybe it would attract too much attention to the fact that he has been calling it FAKE NEWS. It’s so much FAKE NEWS that both democrats and republicans overwhelmingly put a bill together that put the toughest sanctions on Russia thus far.

Trump’s recent comments after signing the bill.

“In its haste to pass this legislation, the Congress included a number of clearly unconstitutional provisions,”

“My Administration particularly expects the Congress to refrain from using this flawed bill to hinder our important work with European allies to resolve the conflict in Ukraine, and from using it to hinder our efforts to address any unintended consequences it may have for American businesses, our friends, or our allies.”

“The bill remains seriously flawed — particularly because it encroaches on the executive branch’s authority to negotiate. Congress could not even negotiate a health care bill after seven years of talking,” Trump said.

“I built a truly great company worth many billions of dollars. That is a big part of the reason I was elected,” the president continued. “As President, I can make far better deals with foreign countries than Congress.

Unfortunately Mr. President, There is this thing called checks and balances and even your fellow Republicans at least on this can see through your bullshit.  Nevertheless, it’s quite laughable and even more so that there was No Photo Op For Russian Sanctions Signing! No party, No chance to make memes and not even a damn tweet!!! But I’m sure things will be back to regular order with a tweet unless General Kelly really has your twitter on lock lol!

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