Oakland Raiders File For Las Vegas Raiders Trademark + New Stadium Pics

Las Vegas, Nevada:

So many people refuse to believe what others see as the inevitable. Sorta like Donald Trump who became the 1st non politician to become the Republican nominee. Nobody believed it could happen but it did and now we have to play the wait and see game.

Today the Raiders applied for “Las Vegas Raiders” trademark. It doesn’t at all mean its a sure thing just like the billionaire who none of us thought would be running and be the GOP nominee. But the Las Vegas Raiders are getting closer to becoming the 1st NFL team in Las Vegas.

One major issue is the 1.9 billion dollar price ticket that will be pushed on the La Vegas tax payers. That is a hearty bill to swallow but could ultimately be paid for before the opening season in ticket sales.

Diehard Oakland Raider fan Maritza Maldonado says…

“While they’re filing trademark apps, you have to also remember this is the 1st season EVER the Raiders have sold out season tix (and parking) in Oakland. Fans stepping up to do this could help the fight to stay in Oakland”.

Nevertheless, the decision isn’t ours to make or even Mark Davis’. Let’s see what the NFL owners decide next year. Until then, we are the OAKLAND RAIDERS! ❤

Whatever Ritz lol cant wait to see you in Vegas.

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