Obama Listens To Outkast In the White House


Hip-hop has become the most transcending form of art in America within the last 35 years. However, throughout history many national leaders and political figures have been hesitant to show you their support.

In 1992, President George H.W. Bush and Vice President Dan Qualye gained national attention by denouncing hip hop legend, Ice T’s “Cop Killer” song. Instead of addressing the evident issue of police brutality that the song was directed at, they chose to ignore the message and focus on the title and the aggression of the song. Presidents and key figures alike have followed suit and shown no acknowledgement or support of hip-hop culture in general.

So in 2013 when our president revealed that he not only had some rap literacy, but was an avowed fan, I knew then that we had the coolest President of all time. However, its one thing to say you’re a hip-hop fan its another thing to prove how deep of a hip-hop fan you are.

I mean, how can we truly judge President Obama’s hip hop diversity? For all we know, the president could claim to be a fan of hip-hop and his iTunes library could solely be comprised of songs such as Will Smith’s “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit it.” So when a Twitter-based Q&A took place yesterday, Obama responded to a question about his “favorite song of the moment” and mentioned an Outkast song entitled, “Liberation,” featuring Cee-Lo Green. This instant classic track is the type that endeared fans from the jump.

In addition to the track from Andre 3000 and Big Boi, Obama also listed the Black Keys’ 2011 track “Lonely Boy” as another that graced his iPod as he does the “shutterbug” dance through the White House in the morning; a bit imaginative, but now imagine that.

As reality sets in and hits me, I could only say DAMN! In the way that hip hop has transcended, it’s about time that we had a president whose open-mindedness and acceptance of the culture, did as well. Obama not only listens to hip-hop but he is also well versed in the game of basketball. Although that’s a story for another day, when that day comes for me to write about it, I am sure he will still undoubtedly be the coolest president ever.


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