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Payroll Giovanni “Payface” (Album Review)

As a standout member of Doughboyz Cashout, Payroll Giovanni is steadily building a name you should keep in your Sound Cloud playlist. For those not up on Doughboyz Cashout let me fill you in. DBC is a group of emcees from Detroit who are extremely popular in the Michigan area. Think of their style as Hot Boyz meets Boyz in the Hood with a modern-day trap sound. Since the group signed to Jeezy’s CTE company in 2013, the group has not reached the national heights they’ve been hoping for. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of potential especially in its stars HBK and Payroll. In 2016, Payroll linked up with producer Cardio for the underrated, “Big Bossin’ Vol.1”. Then followed that up with “Sosa Dreamz”.   Now, he is back with his fourth mixtape, “Payface”; a collection of band popping tales to fit any dope boys’ collection.

Payface is the second mixtape in Payroll’s Scarface theme. An unofficial sequel to Sosa Dreamz. With Detroit producer Helluva Beats on the boards, Payface brings a rare mix of dope boy lyrics, trap sounding, sing-a-longs and combined those with R&B throwback samples; much like the sound that made No Limit extremely catchy. Highlights include the hood love song dedicated to thots, “Hoes Like”. The Montell Jordan sing-a-long “How We Move It”. And the track with the most promise “Hustle Muzik 3”.

Some may say that Payroll Giovanni’s lyrical content is stale. While this is true in many ways but remember early Young Jeezy and his trap or die days. Take away the ad-libs and all there was were coke tales of a hustler surviving in the streets. What Payroll lacks in lyrics, he makes up with flow. He has a niche in the long-forgotten path that made Ja Rule a top selling artist in the late 90s. If he builds on this and sharpen up his lyrics, he could be on the verge of a prominent rap career on a national level.

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