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Mike Hardy is more than just your typical 20-year-old, hip-hop rapper from Newark, NJ raised in Irvington, NJ, trying to get his feet wet in the game of rap. He’s a self-driven, confident, lyrical aficionado that has successfully aimed, shot and hit the bulls-eye coming out the gate.  Numbers never lie and his “million” plus views on YouTube, Sound Cloud etc. is evidence of just that. As his own marketer, publicist, promoter and manager before the age of 18 he identified his dream and has since then, never stopped pursuing after his goal.


PG: It’s a pleasure to have this interview with you and I respect you as an artist on the rise, kudos to Q for making this happen. What sparked your interest in music?

Mike: Likewise and yes shout out to Q for really setting this up. But what sparked my interest in music besides the love from fans but the possibility to take care of my family. I never wanted a regular 9-5 job, I wanted to be in the entertainment business doing something I love and taking care of my loved ones while doing it, so music to me is the best way.

PG: Who did you listen to growing up?

Mike: Biggie, Pac, Maxwell (because of my mom lol) 50 Cent, Chingy, Tyrese, trey Songz, Missy Elliot, Ginuwine and many more!

PG: From your sound to your demeanor, what makes you different from the next musician on the same journey as you?

Mike: I would have to say my creativity. Whether it’s from my song concept or my visuals, I love to be creative and think outside the box.

PG: Your single “Shotgun Shawty” has been buzzing around the media since it’s release. What was your intent upon this release besides giving your fans new music?

Mike: To show that there are artists that still make music pertaining to true love. I feel as though there are not enough songs for the females that hold us men down, and there should be. But thats just me, but I will do my part on making sure that women of today will be acknowledged and have their own songs thats dedicated to them.

PG: Who was the creative mind behind the video and can you tell us about the storyline behind it.

Mike: I was, What happened was I broke out of jail to visit my girlfriend that i haven’t seen in years.. I stop at a nearby hotel and rob a guy at the vending machine for his phone and roomkey and of course his M&M’s because I love M&M’s lol I make a call to her to meet me there so we can spend 1 last day together not knowing the guy i robbed was a cop but not on duty and that’s when finally him and his partner came and arrested me and my shotgun shawty. Why I jumped into the hot tub like it was a portal to a new world? Because I knew everyone would say “Wtf” and share it because of that one part lol simple way to get views.

PG: What’s next to come from you artistically?

Mike: I’m building my inventory for possibly an EP, or even an album if im confident enough but def something to keep an eye on for what I release next.

PG: I appreciate you again for doing this interview, any final remarks?

Mike: Yes, I want to say thanks for having me it’s been a pleasure and stay tuned for new music from me and shout out to my label EMG for grinding with me. Follow me on social media..

Twitter: @WhoMikeHardy
Instagram: @TheRealMikeHardy

Soundcloud: Shotgun Shawty

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