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Promo Goddess Interviews R&B Vocalist Asia Monique #TheIndieBooth


After the successful release for her EP “Looking Glass”, I had the opportunity to catch up with Asia Monique for an interview on the project and her take on the outcome!

PG: How did you get involved with creating music?

Asia: I’ve been singing forever lol. Cliche I’m sure but I started in the church and knew it was a passion of mine. I also would write a lot so I decided to put those two together, even went to school to study the art of vocal performance. Great balance and gave me some foundation/structure…and how to bend those rules when it comes to R&B.

PG: The past 5 years you have been teaming up with several artists, what pushed you into sparking your solo career?

Asia: What pushed me was the idea that no one was actually hearing me. When you lend your voice sometimes to other artists, mainly rappers and depending on how they structure their track, you aren’t always heard. In some cases you are simply a vocal touch – you add a lil flare and that’s it. Of which, there isn’t a thing wrong with that, I enjoy creating with other artists, however I know I needed something more. Wanted to pull my thoughts and feelings together to create something/do something that I knew I was made to do – for myself.

PG: Tell us about your single “Heroin” and the visuals you released afterwards.

Asia: Aw man. Heroin is that passionate middle ground of understanding that you’re in love and you’re addicted. Heroin (shout out to Visual Mecca and Kyle B. Ellis -iProduceWNDRS) was something we collectively sat down and were putting our heads together to depict a girl who is just strung out on this guy – understanding that Fam doesn’t even want her any longer- and she cannot help but keep pushing on that emotion in a one-sided way. It’s deep lol. But when I wrote this – I wanted to paint the depiction of someone who couldn’t live without the affection of another.

PG: Did you expect the single to set a high bar for your project in its entirety?

Asia: Not just for my project, but to give some understanding or introduce me as an artist. I did. Not some overwhelmingly high marker, but to be like “boom. Did that.” In a subtle way. Lbvs.

PG: What are some of your favorite components in Looking Glass?

Asia: You and I will sit here and talk forever about my faves here ,but what I enjoy about my entire project is that each song can stand on its own, or tell a story beginning with the intro or starting backwards with Queen. I set this up to tell the same story – doesn’t matter how it’s told it actually would end the same.

PG: From your perspective, what is so different from this collection of songs compared to music you have created in the past?

Asia: The difference – I wanted a different landscape for my project. Harder production but something that would mesh well with my vocal sound…yep just wanted to try something new.

PG: The diversity in message and sound is apparent in this E.P. What do you want your fans to take away from this?

Asia: I just want to deliver some music that they can rock with and be real about how I feel lol. If they can relate to it – always makes it 10x better.

PG: What is to follow the success of the project?

Asia: More performances, more work and another project. I’m excited for where things are headed. Very excited.

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