Is Randy Moss A Bandwagon Raider Now? #whoyouwit #ascotmondays

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Swurv Sports Tues, Nov 22, 2016

Former 6x Pro Bowl NFL Wide Receiver Randy Moss who ended his career with the current 1-9 San Francisco 49ers who are unfortunately are 4th in NFC West popped up with the Raiders 9x Pro Bowl Oakland Raiders Champ Charles Woodson. Moss was put on blast when Woodson asked “WHO YOU WIT”? You can see he was reluctant to say The Raiders.

Charles Woodson posted the video on his facebook page before the Raiders emotional win against the Houston Texans last night in Mexico City. Both Woodson and Moss are part of Espn’s NFL Countdown along with Matt Hasselbeck replacing Chris Carter and Ray Lewis. While we all know Woodson is no doubt a true Raider, The Raider Nation quickly jumped on #24’s facebook post questioning Randy Moss’s Bandwagon antics.

Joel Torres He was yelling” I’m not a raider” the other day, now he’s a with the raiders all day everyday?

Bee Ray Too bad Moss wasnt with the Raiders when he was on the team!

Ramona Flores Randy Moss is a fool. He was screaming ” I’m not a Raider” over and over to a cheering crowd! He’s a punk not a Raider

Tonish Jones Moss is one of my favorite WRs ever but he wasn’t crap with the Raiders

Now let me be clear. Randy Moss to me is by far won of the greatest wide receivers to ever do it. I’m a HUGE Randy Moss fan but C’Mon man…. YOU KNOW DAMN WELL when you played for the Raiders you acted like a lil Bitch. (Excuse My Language but if your reading I still got love for you but when you came to the West Coast you didn’t bring that pro bowl mentality with you and now that the Raiders are looking like REAL Superbowl contenders you want to say your with the Raiders?

“All Day Every Day” Get the fuck out of here with that bruh.

(Still Love you) lol. but No!

Let me know… Who You Wit?

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