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Rawyals Ft. Wale – “Dis My Sh*t” (New Music)


Emerging girl group, Rawyals, have released a new track titled “Dis My Sh*t” featuring rapper Wale. Their debut single “King Me” was announced via super-producer Timbaland and released earlier this summer. Not a bad way to start off a career. Though music listeners have been asking for the next girl group to replace Destiny’s Child don’t think that they are the same. Rawyals is far from the polished and upbeat girl group that ruled the industry through the 90’s and early 2000’s. Rawyals pushes edgier lyrics and a rougher image. The chorus for this track plays from the start:

I love the way it feels when our bodies combine
I look him dead in his eye and say
Dis my sh*t
I ain’t never worried bout no chick on the side
Cause when I take what’s mine
Dis my sh*t

The featured rapper Wale doesn’t add anything to this song other than his name in the title. He’s never been known for his enthusiastic voice but on this particular track he sounds half asleep. Rawyals is only a summer into their debut however and with time it is anyones guess to know where they will end up. Listen to the track below and let us know what you think!

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