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Why Do You Really Hate Kanye West?

kanye west

The Verge writer, Micah Singleton, wrote an article titled “Why do you really hate Kanye West?”. In the article (read here) Micah insists that the reason you hate Kanye West isn’t because you think he’s a tool or you think his music sucks. In fact it is because you are a racist. Yes, you. Forget everything that is happening in our world. You were just called a racist because you don’t like a hip hop artist.

Now come back to our world. Police Officers are now being monitored because of abuse of power, churches have been attacked because of radical thinking, and something as arbitrary as not liking Kanye West should not be put in the same category. Not only is it ignorant, it will set us back. Picking apart the likes and dislikes based on race without facts is the quickest way to spread hatred and further the issues we are trying to solve.

Micah took the reactions people had to West walking on stage and taking Taylor Swift’s VMA award and turned it into an act against black people. No one cried racism when he jumped on stage and ripped an award from a young woman’s hands, embarrassed her on a stage in front of thousands, and on television in front of millions. People cried asshole. It was a selfish and ego driven move that put a bad taste in everyone’s mouth about West. Of course he then did it again to Beck at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

This article is full of statements where clearly no one has an issue with West’s skin color, but rather his attitude, musical style, and inability to draw a positive reaction from the public. This week a video surfaced of West throwing a microphone and walking off stage at the Pan American Games. Of course the video was blown out of proportion and edited to make you believe he actually got angry and walked off stage. That is not the case.

It is about who he is as a person as well as what he has shown to the public. For Micah Singleton and The Verge to say that not liking Kanye West has anything to do with being a racist is an insult to music listeners and to the public.

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