@Reverse_Nation “We Workin” Ft. @RikoV317 @iiAmTheRealDLG @JuiceLuciano @DreDProduction1 #BumpItOrDumpIt

This weeks “Bump It Or Dump It” steps to the mic from China Minter of Reverse Nation. Rappers Riko V, DLG, Juice Luciano, Dre D are center stage with a track called “We Workin”. If you are new to BIODI, it’s a 1 week promo that needs to generate 50 comments of the artist’s, friends and or fans to help them get into our rotation.

There is no vote now button. We simply do it old school by providing the track for you to listen to and to leave a comment. If you think it stands out and should be in rotation then all you need to do is comment “BUMP IT” if it’s wack well then you know what to do.

Either way show your support for Reverse Nation and the Independent Artist they brought to the MIC.

Leave your comment below.

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