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Review: Unstoppable on Blu-ray/DVD

Denzel Washington and Chris Pine take the lead in the non-stop action thriller, Unstoppable.

When an unmanned freight train carrying dangerous chemical heads towards a major city at full speed,  it’s a race against time to save lives.

Veteran engineer Frank (Denzel Washington) and new hire Will (Chris Pine) put their personal safety aside  as  the rail company executives weigh human life against profits. Luckily,  the yard boss Connie, played by the lovely Rosario Dawson,  is there to assist them after  all of the corporation’s attempts fail in spectacular fashion.

While the plot where corporate executives rather protect their bottom-line instead of  prioritize the safety of others is predictable given real world news, the 0verall cinematography and action sequences maximizes every minute of filming.  Despite the fortunately short  less than stellar scenes of Meagan Tandy who plays one of Frank daughters,  the supporting cast delivesr solid believable performances.

Director Tony Scott lives up to expectations offering 98 minutes of captivating entertainment. Simply put, it’s been a long time since a film based on trains has been this much fun.


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