Rihanna nude pictures leaked…

Unconfirmed reports of pop star Rihanna is the latest victim of the alleged celebrity leak. The pics show Rihanna in a mirror because we’ve never seen Rihanna nude in a mirror I guess??? Circulating on 4Chan more celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Hayden Panettiere have been targets of what is the second wave of iphone hacks.

The latest photo hacking scandal stems from an original leak – nicknamed ”The Fappening” – that featured pics from Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton and others.

I honestly could careless about a celebrity photo leak. It is a violation of one’s privacy but on the other hand you are a celebrity and you should know your privacy is no longer private especially if you’re hot. I mean nobody’s trying to see Seth Rogen and James Franco nude leaks RIGHT? On the other hand I’m starting to think these leaks are stunts from the inside. Let’s keep it real…. Are KIM KARDASHIAN leaks really a leak? If you want to stay relevant you take nude photos, have someone in your team leak them…. Then wait for TMZ and the rest of us to talk about it and BAM! your golden!

The only other downside is that it’s now going to make it hard for you to get pics from your jump off cause he/she might be scared they will end up on 4chan. I doubt it cause your not a celebrity and your butt don’t look like Kim Kardashian (THANK GOD) but you get my point lol.

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