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The Roots – #WYLT?

Good morning/afternoon. How y’all feeling out there on this good Sunday morning? Well, whether you’re going to/coming from church, or you’re just chilling on the couch, or you’re at work, I had to come through and give you a good dose of the Roots.

Get Busy” is one of my favorite songs from The Roots, also probably my favorite track off of Rising Down. Dice Raw always brings the lyricism and I love Peedi Crakk’s old-school-style flow on the 3rd verse. I surely do “Get Busy” when this bumps. The Roots will forever be real hip-hop.

(Verse 3: Peedi Peedi)
Now on your mark, get set
Go cop everything you ever heard by P. Crack
Dice Raw and Black
Fuck the Internet
Buy a baseball bat, break a bootlegger leg
All I listen to is vets, you’re fresh off the step
I’ll come directly at your OG neck
I’m used to the 1-2 check, not the 1-2 step
I’m strapped, I’ll leave every cat among you wet
Now let’s go, you know I’m politically incorrect
At the show, I start it with a
“Can I get a ho?”
And the ho’s go retarded
The po-po tape off the stage for caution
It’s bad lands, North Philly get it in
It’s Crack man – used to back spin
Now I spend stacks and stacks
And Uncle Sam tryin’ to tax all my hard-earned raps
Damn, we making yens, pesos, euros – we representin’

But that’s just me. What y’all listening to?

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