Samsung Releases ‘Level’ – An Alternative to Beats Headphones

Just months after Samsung opened their new line of headphones worldwide, the company released their premium ‘Level’ on Wednesday to the U.S., which seems to be their response  in competition with the Apple-Beats by Dre merger.

With similar attributes to Apple’s Beat’s Wireless headphones, the new Bluetooth technology Samsung offers doesn’t seem to have any notable differences when compared to the Beats headphones other than the cheaper price and a lack of flashiness and flavor.


They are offering just about every style Beats’ has come out with from their Studio style to the Beats Pill; their  over-the-ear design, the Level Over ($349.99), a smaller version the Level On ($179.99), in-ear headphones ($149.99) and a Bluetooth Level Box ($299.99). However, what the Level lacks in style, they are making up for in pricing. All the new products except for the Level Box and in-ear headphones are cheaper than what Beats’ versions are going for.

There is no word on whether or not the sound quality is any better than Beats’, but we will all find out soon enough.

Initial availability for Samsung’s Level headphones will held by Gilt on Thursday, and released to Amazon and Best Buy on July 20 and 27, respectively.

Check out their promotional video below and comment on whether or not you like their new product.

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