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Sandra Bland’s Family Is Suing For Wrongful Death

Sandra Bland's Family Is Suing For Wrongful Death

Sandra Bland’s mother files wrongful death lawsuit against DPS officer who pulled her over.

Recent reports have revealed that the family of Sandra Bland has decided to take action and persue a lawsuit, a wrongful-death lawsuit, against the officer involved in pulling her over along with other officials. Geneva Reed-Veal, Bland’s mother, said that this ended up being their last resort, since gaining information about the case became difficult.

Sandra Bland was found dead in her cell, having died by what authorities say was suicide, on July 13.

“The bottom line is she never should have been inside the jail cell. Period,” Geneva said at a news conference. Reed-Veal, having her Bible very close to her, said she was confident Bland “knew enough about Jesus” that she wouldn’t hang herself, and her feelings as a mother say her daughter didn’t. But “anything is possible,” she said.

“Now I’m the first one to tell you, if the facts … show without a doubt that that was the case, I’ll have to be prepared to deal with that,” she said.

“In the face of Sandy being the light that she was, it is very difficult for them to get their minds around the notion that she would hurt herself,” the family’s attorney Cannon Lambert said. “At the same time, this family is aware of the possibility.”

“We don’t have the gastric content information. We don’t have the ligature. We don’t have the police reports. Candidly, we don’t really know the time of death,” he said.

Larry Simmons, an attorney for Waller County, said the county would eventually file a response to the lawsuit “and our court filings will clearly articulate the county’s legal position in this matter.” “The county expresses its sympathy to Sandra Bland’s family,” Simmons said. “We look forward to presenting all the evidence to the court, in the context of the applicable standards for civil liability, and intend to vigorously defend the case.”

“We are asking for bold, decisive action,” Lambert added. “The fact that it hasn’t happened yet is a frustrating thing.”

“This family’s motivation is that they don’t want to see this sort of thing happen again to another family,” Lambert said.

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