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‘Scarface’ Remake Getting Script Polish By The Coen Brothers

'Scarface' Remake Being Scripted By The Coen Brothers

Rogue One‘s Diego Luna has been cast as the lead in the Scarface remake. Yes, the movie is going to get a remake. The film had a director, Antoine Fuqua, who left the project to apparently work on the sequel to The Equalizer. So the film currently has no director, and it seems that it is getting a rewrite. Joel and Ethan Coen have been tapped to rewrite the screenplay, just giving the script a polish.

The Coens are Oscar-winning writers, so the quality of the script can only improve if they’re working on it. So that’s something to look forward to, along with Diego Luna playing the lead role. They’ve made a bunch of movies that are already considered to be classics. The more important question is, how are you feeling about a remake of this ’80s classic?

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