SchoolBoy Q “Oxymoron” (Album Review)

Straight outta L.A’s Black Hippy clique, Schoolboy Q is on the scene carrying the Top Dawg Entertainment torch to victory. Kendrick Lamar lit the flame and Schoolboy Q is next in line. T.D.E is putting Cali rappers back on the map in a huge way. Not since Warren G, Snoop Dogg, and The Dogg Pound were barking on Death Row, have we seen so much young talented West Coast artist. Jay Rock and Ab-Soul are next up to see if they can keep the torch burning. It should be easy since Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar already laid the foundation.

“Oxymoron” is easily one of my favorite albums of 2014 so far. He manages to balance the line between street and radio. His wordplay and flow is basic but his confidence is 100. I compare “Oxymoron” to “Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City” in the same way I compare Menace II Society and Boyz n The Hood. Two completely different tales from the streets of L.A. from two different perspectives and ideas.

I really wanted to not like this album. I almost made the same mistake I made with Kendrick Lamar. I pre-judged ScHoolboy Q as a less than average rapper before ever hearing a song. With every young rapper, there are things he needs to work on. His lyrical ability is lacking at times and his voice can get annoying. But what sets him apart from the Chingy’s of the rap world is his ability to speak to the streets. He paints a portrait of his former days of selling oxycodone on the block. He’s not trying to be a fake gangster or using someone else’s persona. He just spits his experiences the only way he knows how by delivering the best street album so far of 2014.



Man of the Year

Yay Yay

Collard Greens (with Kendrick Lamar)


Break the Bank (had to grow on me)

Hoover Street (Dope song. Corny hook)




Hell of a Night

The Purge

Blind Threats feat Raekwon

Los Awesome (with Jay Rock)

Grooveline Pt.2

Fuck LA





What They Want (with 2 Chainz)

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