Serena Williams Shows Off Her Flexible Body In New York Magazine

The world tennis champion, Serena Williams, shows the world what she’s got as she shows off her curves on the cover of New York Magazine.

In a cut-out leotard Serena is seen balancing on two bars whilst doing the splits and shows off her incredible abs, whilst posing for photographer Norman Jean Roy.

Still working on that toe point @gqlew

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Other shots see her in a body-hugging black dress with a thigh high split, reminding the world of her womanly figure.


Inside the mag Serena opens up about what she does with her trophies,

“I have lots of trophies, and I’m just—I’m not that person that needs to see all these trophies,” she said.

“I have some in my house here, some in my house there, some I don’t know what happened to ’em. I have my grand-slam trophies…somewhere.”

At the end of August Serena will be at the US Open attempting to win her 22 Grand Slam.

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