Sheree Whitfield Headlines Natural Hair & Health Expo

Sheree Whitfield

     Sheree Whitfield Headlines

      Natural Hair & Health Expo

Reality Television got a little bit spicier and juicier when Bravo added Sheree Whitfield to the Real Housewives of Atlanta show. Her relationship with her former husband, Bob Whitfield has always been the source of constant scrutiny on blog sites. During last night’s episode of RHOA, fans weren’t expecting the TEA that was about to spill. If you missed the show, it was disclosed that Bob Whitfield allegedly “choked” Sheree during their marriage.

US Weekly cited Bob as saying to Sheree on yesterday’s episode,

“I don’t remember choking her, but if I did, I’m sorry because maybe I didn’t choke you hard enough.” ~BobWhitfield

Sheree Whitfield

Bob’s statement shocked fans and made them more inquisitive about the depth of their marital troubles. Is her relationship with her ex-husband in a good place? Sheree remains tight lipped about the expected jaw-dropping drama that fans will see on the next episode.


This weekend, Sheree Whitfield left her cast-members and the television drama to headline the widely anticipated Natural Hair & Health Expo #NHHE in Birmingham with other movers & shakers, Eva Marcille, Goo Goo Atkins, Tammie Reed and 15 year old DJ Trey from Birmingham.

Fans of all ages eagerly awaited to meet Sheree and to purchase a copy of her spicy new novel, Wives, Fiancées, and Side-Chicks of Hotlanta. Drowning out the RHOA drama, Sheree met this beautiful young girl who really wanted to get a picture with her. The young fan was inspired by Sheree’s beauty and Sheree inspired the young girl to believe in herself.

Sheree Whitfield Pix

A Young fan came with her Mom and wanted to take a picture with Sheree. Just makes ya say, “aww”

Sheree is that feisty chic with a good heart. She continues to receive rave reviews from fans across the world for her no-nonsense, straightforward perspectives on life and relationships. This season, we want Sheree to rise above the “cat fights” and continue touring and reaching out to her fans.


During the #NHHE, Whitfield was interviewed by a number of fans that thanked her for setting some of her RHOA co-stars straight on the show. Whitfield encouraged everyone to continue supporting the show and thanked them all for supporting her with her past projects thus far.

Sheree Whitfield

She responds to a fan who thanked her for shutting down some of her RHOA co-stars

Wives, Fiancées, and Side-Chicks of Hotlanta is available at on paperback, Kindle, and hardcover.

Sheree Whitfield

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