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Silver Bullet – “20 Seconds To Comply” #WYLT?

silver bullet Bring Down the Walls No Limit Squad Returns


Silver Bullet is a rapper from the UK. Schooled in London, then Buckingham and then was moved to Leighton Buzzard and then to Aylesbury in 1988. Remembered for one of his best singles, “20 Seconds to Comply”. Silver Bullet also toured with Public Enemy, and liaised with Russell Simmons and Lyor Cohen before relaunching himself as Silvah Bullet in 1998.

But “20 Seconds To Comply” is an aggressive assault, off of his 1991 album Bring Down the Walls No Limit Squad Returns. Bullet’s frantic rapping was put up against samples from the film RoboCop and, in particular, a sample of ED-209 (from which the track took its name) (the track took its name from a run-in Bullet and his posse had with the law in Notting Hill Carnival). There are also two versions of this song, the other one being the “The Bomb Squad Mix.”

But that’s just me. What y’all listening to?

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