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Simone Missick Is Misty Knight For Netflix’s “Luke Cage”

Simone Missick

A while ago, there was a small report about Beyonce having possibly met with Marvel to discuss a character role in their universe. Misty Knight appeared to be the obvious choice for Bey. However, it seems that those rumors can now officially be put to bed. Misty Knight will be making an appearance in the MCU, on Netflix, with Luke Cage. Moreever, the role has been cast. Actress Simone Missick will be playing the role, according to Deadline.

This makes sense too, especially as Misty is Iron Fist’s love interest in the comics, so she will definitely be popping up on Iron Fist. Introducing her here sets the stage for her to later show up in that series if that’s the direction they choose to go in. The site describes her as “a former NYPD officer who gets a new bionic arm by Tony Stark after losing her in the line of duty. She eventually launches a detective agency, helping Cage (Mike Colter).” However, it’s not actually made clear if that’s just a summarisation of the comic book version of Misty Knight or what we should expect in Luke Cage. Anyway, even though you may have never heard of Simone Missick, what do you think of her playing this role?

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