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Skepta – “Can’t See Me Again” feat. Kano & Bashy (New Music)

In one of the most anticipated tracks to come off of UK label, Alwayz Recording‘s latest offering, London rapper of Nigerian decent, Skepta, has released Can’t See Me Again featuring Kano and Bashy. Known for being at the forefront of grime’s revival, he rejoins he’s fellow grime veterans to put together this reflective yet cool piece of music.

“It’s a long time since I’ve linked up with my brothers Skepta and Kano, we come from the original school of grime and it’s always a pleasure to be able to get back to the roots of where we came from. ‘Can’t See Me Again’ not only gave me the opportunity to do that but also look at where we’ve all got to at this point in time in our music.” said Bashy in a recent statement to The Fadar.

Produced by Nana Rogues, this track is one of 16 tracks featured on Alwayz Recording’s new mixtape, Concrete Jungle, featuring over 50 of Britain’s biggest stars in rap and grime.

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