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“Sons Of Anarchy” Spin-Off Show

Sons of Anarchy: Movie Actors Emilio Rivera and Tom Chavez of the Mayans

So much can be said about Sons Of Anarchy. Whatever your feelings on the show, its creator Kurt Sutter doesn’t seem to be done playing around in that universe. According to EW, Kurt Sutter is now in the preliminary stages of developing a new show set in the same world of Sons Of Anarchy. However, this seems to be a pretty cool idea, as this new spin off will specifically be focusing on the Mayans.

The Mayans were the Oakland-based Hispanic gang on the show, and they’re history with SAMCRO throughout all 7 seasons was complicated, to say the least. In the original series, the Mayans run heroin factories and are also involved in some prostitution. Their cuts bear the legend “Los Asesinos de Dios” — Assassins of God. FX has a good thing going with Sutter, Sons Of Anarchy currently ranks as the most popular show in the FX’s history. Last December’s Sons Of Anarchy finale was viewed by a total of 9.2 million viewers. Sutter will remain focused on running his upcoming medieval drama The Bastard Executioner, which premieres Tuesday, Sept. 15 (and stars Lee Jones, Stephen Moyer, Katey Sagal and Ed Sheeran).

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