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“Star Trek Beyond”: On-Set Footage

Star Trek Beyond Cast

They are finally introducing some new elements into these movies, which might explain the new uniforms they’re wearing in next year’s Star Trek Beyond.

On-set footage captured by ScreenCrush reveals both Chris Pine’s Captain Kirk and Anton Yelchin wearing Starfleet uniforms, looking like nothing we have seen in the franchise thus far.

It looks like the uniforms have been replaced with a more utilitarian mix of blue and yellow jackets, knee-pads and boots. What are your thoughts on that?

There’s another surprise in the footage: the first look at Sofia Boutella’s mysterious character, who is an alien with some funky facial tattoos that don’t match anything seen in previous Trek films. Based on this first glimpse, Star Trek Beyond is indeed sheaded for new frontiers, as far as the visuals go, at least. Let’s hope that more on-set footage/set pics reveal even more unique and new characters and story elements. They have a lot to live up to, with 2016 being the 50th Anniversary of the franchise.

Star Trek Beyond, directed by Justin Lin, is scheduled for release July 2016.

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