Kids response to Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino Is Everything

Wait till you hear what he says (LOL)

Starbucks is known for some of the best Frapps in the land. Doesn’t matter if you’re a millennial. Who doesn’t loves a good O’l cup of Starbucks, right? But this kids response to Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino is everything.

Tristan Courtney from Ft. Worth Texas, got the response she had no clue was coming when her son Bently tried the new Unicorn Frappucino. Even more shocked to learn her video has gone viral with over 2 hundred thousand views.

“I’m completely shocked at how big this video has gotten”

she said to her friends on her facebook page. Courtney just wanted to get her son’s expression. She was only looking for a sour face but to her surprise and as any mom knows, Kids say the darndest things. And well you guessed it.

Since the release of Starbucks new “Crappuccino” other videos have gone viral with a telling sign of how popular the drink has become but I can assure you I will take this kids response over anyone rushing out to get the purple fairy dust cup of sugar.

No thanks Starbucks. From what I heard. It tastes like Dog Shit!

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