Did we all get played by a Steve Stephens facebook live Easter killing spree hoax

Cleveland – Did we get played?

By Now you’ve heard about Steve Stephens and his apparent Facebook live Easter killing spree hoax. Stephens post has been shared and seen by millions on Easter Sunday showing him brutally murdering 74-year-old Robert Godwin in cold blood.

AllNews24/7 whose website is full of alt right hoax fake news propaganda shared the question with a step by step cut frame edit of Stephens’s murder spree. I’m gonna admit, it got me thinking it “could be” a hoax? I quickly jumped in to say my piece and instantly learned Facebook live doesn’t necessarily mean it is actually a live broadcast. Apparently, you can pre-record a video and upload it.  Is this fabricated?

Is the FBI, local Cleveland law enforcement, CNN and all the other news media in on this hoax? I’m pretty sure they are not, but this video will at the least make you wonder for a second. What I have a problem with is the fact that if it was a hoax. Why? Whoever thought of it is a genius and a complete idiot at the same time. The chances of anyone getting away with it are zero. Can a black man pull a hoax like this and live to tell the story?

No amount of money could make this make sense.

What’s the end game? Is he going to throw his hands out the window and say “Hey, it was a joke guys” Well he can but he will be dragged out, punched, kicked and shot in the face multiple times?
But if it is a hoax….Wow! It’s by far the most elaborate ever pulled off and it poses another question. Is this the type of social media we are going to be seeing from here out? People faking murders for a quick check. He could say it was all part of a movie. I mean it’s not like we don’t watch this type of violence in pretty much all of our favorite shows these days.

Apparently, the social media money that is being generated by this is in the thousands and could reach millions before we find out the truth. From Go Fund Me to YouTube the ads alone are generating money as we speak. But What makes it more suspect is that this nobody has a verified Instagram account. Swurv is a national brand and instagram told us “NOPE”. But this dude can get verified with 10 followers lol. C’mon son!

To that aspect, shit doesn’t add up. The guys at Allnews also claims the way Robert Godwin falls, along with the blood trail is inaccurate falling forward and that the video camera makes a cut spinning 360 degrees. I’m not an expert into how people fall but I can assure you Steve Stephens will not come out alive, so him enjoying all this fame and money just doesn’t make a lick of sense. I guess this senseless killing just hits home and is uber real to believe it’s fake.

Is it a hoax? NO!!! This shit is real. A man’s life was brutally taken by a senseless piece of shit and if you believe it’s fake you are a bigger idiot than this clown at AllNews/247.

At what point do we stop sharing fight videos and videos of people killing another human being is a more important question. I hate to think that when it’s all said and done facebook, instagram and twitter was ruined by idiots that couldn’t deal with real life issues rather taking it out on innocent people and broadcasting it live?

Update: The Cleveland PD has just announced Steve Stephens has shot and killed himself during a standoff. 

So for the guys over at AllNews/247 you played yourself. 

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