Stream Nitty Scott’s Second LP ‘Creature!’

Stream Nitty Scott's Second LP 'Creature!'

Nitty Scott, MC – who is now simply going by Nitty Scott – is finally here with her sophomore album. Following up 2014’s The Art of Chill is Creature!. Read what the artist has to say for herself about the album in an interview with VH1. Stream the album down below, featuring Zap Mama and Raina Rich.

Creature! is a celebration of my identity, of Afro-Latina identity, of the spirit of trans-generational trauma that black women carry with them. It’s very deep stuff and it’s all about that journey for me. It’s sonically going into a lot of uncharted territory for me, you get a lot of bars and lyricism from me but I’m playing with Afro beats and EDM and really being unafraid to expand on my artistry. It’s mixed girl liberation, that’s what I’m gonna call Creature!. It tells the story of Negrita in Wonderland, so that’s literally a musical story that I am telling throughout the project. Y’all know me, I always keep it really artsy, conceptual, maybe even experimental—that’s the kind of project that Creature! is.”

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