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Suge Knight & That B*tch Named Karma

suge knight

I’m sure by now you’ve heard about ‘Death Row Records’ Lynchman Suge Knight and The Notorious grocery store pimp slappin Katt Williams. If not let me break it down real quick. THESE TWO DUMBASSES apparently jacked some chick for her digital camera that had video of Suge Knight and Katt Williams in what appears to be a nasty ass BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN sexcipade in a hotel.

HAHAHAH!!!!! JS I would pay a million dollars to have that sex tape lol (PAUSE) So I can sell it to TMZ FOO! . Anyway these two dummies are done and as far as Suge goes his bail is set at 1 MILLION DOLLARS!!!! If convicted Suge Knight is facing up to 30 years in prison for a prior conviction for assault with a deadly weapon. Him and Oj gone be roommates.

Karma Is A Heartless Bitch!


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