Super Mario Run Now Available For iOS

Super Mario Run Now Available For iOS

Nintendo is finally bringing its flagship character and franchise to your iPhone. Super Mario Run is now available to play for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. But what is Super Mario Run? Well, much like the classic NES and Super Nintendo Mario games, it’s a 2-D platform game that simply has Mario running. Running to save Peach, running to stop Bowser, you know the drill.

Yeah it’s the same that we always do,” creator Shigeru Miyamoto told IGN. When he announced the game back at Apple’s September iPhone event. “Apple’s never done anything like this, where they had translation on stage for their events. I think that had them a little nervous originally, but that’s what we always do.”

But from an overall gameplay perspective, the courses are a little bit shorter than normal because it’s really geared toward the quick play on a mobile device and the experience is one where if you’re not very good at Mario, you still get a real good sense of running through the level and reaching the flagpole at the end of the level.”

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