Swurv Radio DJ Of The Month Rico Banks – @RicoPanacea

Swurv Radio DJ Of The Month Rico Banks - @RicoPanacea

There are 4 elements of hip-hop (The DJ, The MC, The B-Boy & Graffiti). Being that, we at Swurv Radio, are avid supporters of the Hip Hop Culture, its only right to showcase one of the most important elements, The DJ. So why not start with one of Swurv Radio ‘s newest DJs, and Swurv Radio “DJ Of The Month”, August 2015, DJ Rico Banks. Get to know a little about Rico Banks below, check out his mixtape, and catch his show “Underground Reggie” every Monday 10am-11am PST right here on

Why did you want to become a DJ?

I became a DJ because I’m always thinking about music. I wake up and go to sleep thinking about music. I have an uncle that was a great DJ back home. He used to DJ on 5 or 6 different radio stations in Jackson, MS. When I was younger he would take me and my cousin to the radio station with him to visit my cousin “Scrap,” who was also a DJ. He still DJs with Violater DJs under the name Scrap Dirty. Seeing them two do their thing is what made me want to start working with music.

What were the first records/albums you grew up listening to?

That’s easy. Nelly “Country Grammar” and Outkast “Big Boi & Dre Presents” were the first albums I wanted to buy. The first album I just had to get my hands on was “Hoodrich” by Big Tymers. I wanted that cd bad. I actually got a copy from a guy who sold it to me in school. I was in middle school at the time lol.

Does your hometown have an influence on the kind of music you’ve
grown accustomed to?

Definitely. Jackson is a freaking melting pot. We got music from New Orleans, Atlanta, Memphis, Little Rock, Florida, everywhere. It all comes to Jackson. Whatever is hot in New York or Cali we got that too. We also had a lot of Independent records as well. It definitely influenced my selection.

When did you first start DJ’ing?

In 2008. I started DJ’ing for an artist from Jackson. I’ve been doing it ever since then.

What is your technique/style when it comes to working an event and
working the crowd?

I like introducing the crowd to new music. I listen to my audience. Sometimes I know about an artist and introduce them to their music first and sometimes they tell me and introduce me to them.

What would you say is the most difficult component to being a DJ?

The hype. You can’t get caught up in your own hype. Don’t let the downloads and people who visit the club convince you that you’re not a regular person.

Right now, what is your favorite song that has stayed heavy in
rotation? (Personally and on the job)

It’s a tie between Lil Durk “Higher” and Future “Lil One”. I’ve been listening to those 2 records a lot lately.

If you’ve gotten the opportunity to work with some major artists in
the music game, who would some of them be?

As of right now I haven’t had the pleasure of working with anyone major. I’m looking forward to it though.

Craziest experience you’ve had behind the turn tables?

I was DJ’ing in the club on my birthday one year. I was drinking a lot of Ciroc Redberry and threw up in the DJ booth like 5 minutes after I finished my set lol. I was over for that night.

How can anyone reading stay in touch and up to date with what you’re doing?

You can keep up with me by following me on Instagram or Twitter @RicoPanacea and by visiting

Rico Panacea - Day-Rest

Rico Panacea – Day-Rest

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