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SwurvRadio Featured Artist Ahmen Releases “Our Time”


SwurvRadio featured artist Ahmen recently released a song titled “Our Time”. Ahmen offers passionate and inspiring lyricism with a confident flow throughout the 3 verses of the track.

“Life’s a mystery, blink it’s history, fight through misery, fly so wishfully.
Strive for inner peace, minds we win these, write for sin release, light begins with me.”

Ahmen is passionate about spreading strength and ambition through his music in order to uplift those that he can make an impact on. His mission is to allow his listeners to begin shunning the negativity that life brings.

This is what Ahmen says about Our Time:

“We can’t escape frustration. It could be the limiting nature of our jobs, or our inability to pursue our passions, or our disappointment with political leaders. Instead of succumbing to that frustration, we need to find that inner fire for a better tomorrow, and just get started…word by word, step by step, action by action. That fire will grow to a point where it can’t be stopped, and we will make this moment our time.

I’ve dealt with the same type of frustration. But I had to keep making music and voicing my opinion on the situations that matter. I eventually gained enough courage to go all in as the Batman of Social Impact, and now the machine is in full gear. Either get on the train or get run over by it. Our Time features Jos J and it’s going to be an anthem for anyone who is hungry to seize this moment in our history.”

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