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Tech N9ne Announces “Strangeulation 2”

Yesterday, August 25th, 2015, at 5:15 p.m. Strange Music owner and genre-bending emcee Tech N9ne stirred up a swarm of excitement with his fans by simply stating on his Facebook page, “Strangeulation 2= started”. With this simple statement was the musician,whose birth name is Aaron Yates, in a black and white picture. In this photograph he had stepped up to the microphone, surrounded in a vocal booth, and was appearing as if he was about to begin rhyming. Nothing more has been mentioned at this point, but such was a  perfect way to make such an announcement and immediately fan the flames of his listener’s anticipation.

Wikipedia and other reliable sources state the LP, which will be Yates’ sixteenth studio album over the course of sixteen years, is slated for release later this year. Regardless, with a late August start it may be well into 2016 when we get to hear what Tech N9ne is cooking up in the studio right now.

The original Strangeulation, released in 2014, was a seventeen track (twenty-one with the deluxe edition) exhibition of the collective strengths of Strange Music and it’s various artists. With this in mind it would be easy to surmise that such would be the case with the follow-up, though with the departure of former-label mate Kutt Calhoun from Strange Music, so that the aforementioned artist (who dropped the impressive Kuttin’ Loose EP last month as the first release under Calhoun’s own record label, Black Gold) and his unique verbal flare will be missed on Strangeulation 2.

Keeping in mind that the currently preparing to tour Yates currently appeared on the song “Beast (Southpaw Remix)” from the terrific Southpaw: Music from and Inspired by the Motion Picture and had an appearance from the  producer of the aforementioned soundtrack, Eminem, himself on Tech N9ne’s previous effort from earlier this year, Special Effects, on its fifteenth track, “Speedom”, it will be interesting if Marshall Mathers collaborates with Yates a third time on Tech N9ne’s new LP.

Given the proudly independent rapper’s increasing popularity it will see if any other big names make the roster of Strangeulation 2 or, if it continues on with the tradition set up by the original album and keeps the features directly related to fellow Strange Music artists. Either way, one thing can be certain: there is plenty more from Yates on the horizon and, because of such, much for fellow fans of both the label and the emcee who owns it to get excited for in the future.

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