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The 5 Most Monstrous Verses From Black Thought

black thought

It cannot be said enough. In the world of hip-hop and emceeing, Black Thought is a beast, a monster, a lyrical demon, a destructive force of nature. A Philly-born rapper who has been spitting lyrical genius consecutively for over 20 years. Sadly, it doesn’t seem like we will ever get that Black Though solo album, but he’s got plenty of songs and bars with The Roots, not to mention other artists songs he is featured on. Tariq Trotter is one of a kind in this rap game, there is no other artist with his stage presence, stamina, versatility, and lyrical skills.

Ghost and Thought remember the beginnings of rap in this nostalgic tribute to the early days of hip-hop called “In Tha Park.”

“Yo, it all started at the After Midnight, Philly, but walk with me
Mad niggas coming down from New York City
Prolly hit the skating rink USA
Banging Schoolly, “Gangster Boogie” and “PSK”
I remember shells, Gazelles, top tens, and lottos
Mega design, reefer smoke, Coqui nine bottles
[Entire wore velours, call the boys with the Lucci wore?]
84’s from Atlantic City Gucci store
Linoleum break dancing, Rust-Oleum cans
I put the writing on the wall signed, “Truly yours”
Philly smashed ’87 Music Seminar
Out on the battlefield like Pat Benatar
Kick the ball with Krown Rulers out of Camden
People Patty Duke-ing in the party, all cramped in
Around the time Flav started cold lamping
“Rebel Without a Pause” was the street anthem
Old Memorex cassette, tape collections
Bright spotlights on all the fights at the Spectrum
When the Fresh Fest come, leather bombers and sheepskins
Brothers would bust they guns to get one
MC Breeze, Disco C, Jazzy Jeff
Cash Money and Miz and Lady B
Everybody banging “Sucker MC’s” in ’83
I was South Philly like St. Charles and Crazy D
Them wild North Side Puerto Ricans would snuff you
Twenty deep in a Ford Escort, pumping the Tuff Crew
I used to follow my cousin, he was a buck too
“Y’all don’t like how I’m living, well, fuck you!”
I been a G since a little kid
Sticking my head up into somebody’s dollar party, getting into shit
And late nights, shoulda been in bed
Instead, I was running round with them downtown lemonheads
A little man, hanging where them grown women is
Under thirteen, seeing real strong images
And that’s the reason for my real rap penmanship
That’s where I started it, and that’s where I’mma finish it”

“Bird’s Eye View” – Black Thought managed to beat out Joey Bada$$ and Raekwon on this Statik Selektah song.

“It’s the elephant in the room
Created by a collision of the sun and the moon
My sonogram was an image of a gun in the womb
That was soon to be doper than heroin in a spoon
I’m astonishing, honestly my future looking promising
As my skin tone and a crystal clean onyx is
Darker thoughts let the beats break like a Amish’s
I’m a stroke of genius like Mickalene Thomas is
Hip-hop and body rocking and doing it dude
I am the living definition of improving the groove
I use the same tools to shoot that Kubrick used
Take your hero to the river, give them two b-rick shoes
Who lose? If you really ain’t nobody till somebody love you
I say you ain’t nobody til they speaking highly of you
And what I’m sure you wouldn’t want is any kind of trouble
Unless you got a crash dummy or a body double
You got a couple homies down to catch a homi- for you
Well I’mma fold niggas into origami for you
The most notorious, Poet Laureate
Whole story is glorious, stoic warriors
And I got my eyes wide open on you quasi-
Haters still smirking like the gators on an Izod
Lacoste, y’all tomato head niggas are
Imposters, long drawn out process
Triple OG’s got a worn out conscience
Reminiscing to when we was all out monsters, on
Our Sierra Leone reigning tyranny
I strike fear in their hearts, rappers stear clear of me
Black Sankofa, Ayatollah, Range Rover, games over
Bill folder, give niggas that Ebola virus
Huh? You got me chopped like Miley Cyrus
Naw, I’m on your block with Somali pirates”

“75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction)” – from The Roots’ 2008 album Rising Down.

“I’m from the land of them straight razor face beard niggas
With hammers on their waist, yeah, waste weird niggas
And erase scared niggas, them snake head niggas
That take care of niggas who don’t break bread with us
Niggas make dead niggas and hate black niggas
Brown niggas high yellow niggas and them red niggas
No tellin’ when the bullet comin’, be prepared niggas
Cause when it do it coming land, sea and air niggas
That’s everywhere niggas
Am I the muthafuckin’ legendary
Yeah niggas, make it very clear niggas
Been looking at y’all in my rearview
Mirror niggas want to be a millionaire, I’m already there niggas
I’m the debonair nigga, a bear taking more than my share
Lookee here, yeah, I know it ain’t fair nigga
Neither is a bald eagle with a hair trigger
Haystack, try and find a needle up in there nigga
Leave you up in there nigga, show me the puppet
That don’t need a puppeteer nigga, shed another tear nigga
I’m in the field with a shield and a spear nigga
I’m in your girl with her heels in the air nigga
I am such a rare nigga, you in a battle telling
Me you not ready like you figured I’mma bear with you
I don’t care nigga, you now listening to the sounds
Of the money making jam trillionaires nigga
Gentlemen of an extraordinary league
You never see me blowing on no ordinary weed
What I’m smoking ain’t a product of no ordinary seed
Your boy is heavy treed, I’m feeling merry
As a Tyler Perry scene, that monetary gang green
We tried to launder the cash and never came clean
So now I’m in the story with all the cats before me
And smoke purgatory for doing the same thing
And them niggas ain’t change, them niggas can’t change
Their moms shake their heads saying it’s such a dang shame
The train to the bus, then another dang plane
My stage and my government ain’t the same name
I’m a rock star, love it that my wallet chain hang
I’m a modern day saint; I’m a modern day king
My definition I can finally explain
Cold smooth like that dude Sean Connery was playing
I just got to be the man, I’m the father figure and
When I spit it’s something like a psychology exam
If you stand where I stood, you could probably understand
How that mic feelin’ like a million dollars in my hand
It’s the silence of the lamb, go and cop another gram
And twist with your Zanny, Percocet, Percodan
What’s your networking plan? you better look alive
Cause them niggas outside lookin’ desperate again nigga
And the blunts and liquor killin’ our lungs and liver
The asthmatic drug addict I function with it
I put a rapper in a hole where the dust will sit
For spittin’ played out patterns that once was hittin’
I got news for you all, let me show you how to ball
See the legendary fall, I ain’t heard of that
Y’all niggas is off the wall like Arsenio Hall
I’mma put you right back where the dirt is at
450 fahrenheit on the thermostat
Somebody starvin’ like a white girl, Bernadette
But she not a earner yet, she couldn’t put in no work
For Nat Burner yet, the black microphone murder vet
I’m in a class of my own
If I got beef with you, you the last one to know
I arrive on time, I’m never fashionable
You late, I’m already international-able
I done twirled in Berlin, banged in Beijing
You never seen nothin’ can’t say the same thing
Tell somebody Black Thought, yeah you know the name ring
So give him the game ring for bringin’ what them niggas can’t bring
My hustle is long, my muscle is strong
My man put the paper in the duffle I’m gone
Y’all still a light year from the level I’m on
Just a pawn steppin’ right into the head of the storm
You been warned, I will blow y’all niggas and disintegrate
I’m a rebel, renegade must stay paid”

“Rapid Eye Movement” – from Pharoahe Monch’s album PTSD.

“Take stock in the soul, spit properly
That extended clip on my hip sits awkwardly
I’m diabolical, follicle triggers that I cock and squeeze
Sending shots to ancient Greece to pop Socrates
I bear arms like button-downs without the sleeves
Manic depressive and possessive like apostrophes
My psychiatrist waive the doctor fees
When I wave the pistol and say listen, quit watchin’ me so I can breathe
National Association for the Advancement
Of drugs for performance enhancement
And it’s tough taking so many chances
But I’ve been a bad seed from the womb, they call me ovary cancer
And I got an ugly heart, although I’m totally handsome
And I take the love of your life and hold her for ransom
And my tactical cam that never stood for any national anthems
Whats hood, I am the actual answer
And I’ll prove it
Black attire, rapid fire, rapid eye movement
I’m from a species that is higher, I am not human
Extraterrestrial alien, a monster killer of conscience chillin’
In a barrel of lobster
Ex-Slave, sadomasochist, I that gave the massa of my ass to kiss
A dyin’ breed, I’m the last of this
Black is as miraculous as Jesus of Nazareth
When I vocalize the crowd rise like Lazarus
It’s the Rhode Scholar, my coat collar piss off PETA
Your hoes holla, he’s on top of the bars
Meet a Mr. Globe Trotter in my Adidas
Pure cheetah, hoppin’ out of this exotic European 4 seater
Hollerin’ cheeba cheeba like I’m Parkside
Killin’ is the dark side
Villain, I’m God, I’m Godzilla
Sometimes I’m Bob Dylan put blood on these tracks, for real
So, God-willin’ you’ll feel what I’m spillin’
Yeah, I never quit, I’m still syndicatin’ up
Me and Pharoahe Monch, did it for the benefit of us
This is straight razor behavior, I never get enough
Get the picture, my militia gettin’ ignorant as fuck

“The Dark (Trinity)” – One of the best songs on …And Then You Shoot Your Cousin, one of the best verses on the album, one of the best verses from Black Thought. With the flow, delivery, everything.

“Mountain high and valley low and river wide and tunnel deep
I have traveled chasing demons screaming all I find I keep
If you don’t pay like you weigh alright okay that’s fine with me
I’ma just spray my heat and say my piece and lay you down to sleep
Ain’t nobody tell you clowns to speak
I’mma AK you down the street
Draw that pump that’s built for the riots see how quiet y’all can keep
Ain’t no wilding it ain’t no problem
It ain’t no question it ain’t no beef
Cut that check then things are sweet
I’ma go buy some diamond teeth
I’ll be damned if my setback gonna help you get back on your feet
No surrender no retreat
Nigga we out here trying to eat
Hashtag, diamond dog tag
Money bag, nice swag, pockets need an ice bag
Toe tag, body bag
Niggas lose their lives sad
Rockets in their flight path
Breaking bad, making bad
Choices out here thinking fast
Smoking wet and drinking bad
Soaking wet and sinking fast
Shoot them niggas making cash
Stick them niggas take their stash
The law of gravity meets, the law of averages
Ain’t no sense in attempting to civilize savages
Even though I wish I could be spared my embarrassment
I’m a nigga, other niggas pale in comparison
We out in Paris yet but still a nigga perishing
No idea how much time’s left, fuck trying to cherish it
A life in times unchecked, now that’s American
Inherit the wind, pressure in everything”

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