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The Best & Worst of 2015’s MTV Video Music Awards

The 2015 MTV Video Music Awards took place last night and man was it a spectacle…and of course there had to be moments that had everybody talking.


1. The Best Dressed:

Starting with the “red carpet”…I have to say I was disappointed because this year was a major let down. I really can’t say I was blown away by this years outfit choices and there definitely are some that were better than others, and just some that had to be forgiven.

Chrissy Teigen

She had the right amount of revealing, in all the right places.

The detail right to the choice of shoes was spot on. I probably would change the top part of the dress but for this, I think it works. She just managed to maintain simplicity without doing too much.


Kylie Jenner

2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet

Now wait wait wait…before you chow my head off. Remember I mentioned some outfits that needed to be forgiven…this has to be one of them. Look lets not even pretend the detail on this dress isn’t killer. Balmain designs are indeed one of a kind, and given a few more inches and this would have been juuust right! But based on the fact that it’s Balmain I have to forgive.


Rita Ora

I just love how sleek she looks. And the feather detail on the dress looks lovely. Of course what would a Rita Ora dress be without a slit. Love that she went for an all black look right through to her choice of make up, slaying us with that smokey eye.


2. Most Talked About Moments:

Nicki Minaj’s Acceptance Speech for Best Hip Hop Video (Anaconda)


I definitely did not expect for this speech to go in the direction it did. And then to have Miley Cyrus TOTALLY dismiss Nicki Minaj’s entire confrontation mid-speech was something else. The streets were definitely entertained but some were unimpressed with Minaj’s confrontation and some have gone as far as to say the whole thing might have been staged.


Kanye West VMA Vanguard Speech

Only Kanye West can have us watch him for 3 minutes straight, while he says and does nothing but look at the audience.

So will you be voting in Dr. West for president in the next 5 years?

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The “Comeback Kid”…Justin Bieber


So he’s taking it back to whipping he’s hair back and forth

2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet

Here’s to hoping he comes back stronger than before, and have us talking about great things he’s doing rather than some of the stuff he’s been up to these past couple of years.



Blac Chyna & Amber Rose


Where to even start with these two…well clearly they have a point to prove.

Spotted in these matching outfits Chyna and Rose are really out to get people talking. Definitely gonna take more than wearing outfits with derogatory words to get people to shift their perceptions of them.


It might just start with slowing down on all this bad bitch behaviour.

When ur Uber Driver don't know who he got in his car 😂

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Miley Cyrus VMA Outfits



Outrageous doesn’t even begin to describe Miley Cyrus’ choice of outfits for this years VMAs. I really wonder, when she looks back at these photo’s 10-15 years from now, what will she think of herself.

Miley came to the awards squad deep, spotted on the carpet with her entire family.


3. Top Winner – Taylor Swift 

  1. Video of the Year
  2. Best Collaboration


  1. Best Female Video
  2. Best Pop Video


Definitely an eventful evening and who knows what will unfold at next year’s show.


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